Waylaid plans and mistaken identities.

We moved recently, a small distance compared to many of our previous moves. I had to go and collect school work and and a report from our old school. With young breastfed twins, timing is everything. Feed change, get in the car and hit the freeway. The plan was to duck into school quickly, grab what was needed, then head to the shops, duck into the parents room, feed, change, and get on our way again.

Except it doesn’t happen like that. Does anything go to plan when you’ve got a baby (or two)?

The school office didn’t know where the report and schoolwork was, the teacher couldn’t be found, and there were lots of staff wanting a chat. The schoolwork and report were found (in the office), the teacher located (well sort of, she was off sick) and we were on our way.

We ducked into the shops, the boys got fed, changed and I’d just put them in the car when an old teacher of Dylan’s walked past, and stopped. She came back for a chat. As much as I wanted to get going to avoid overtired, screamy babies, I stopped to talk. She had moved north 12 months ago, and she wanted to know how things were.


And then things got weird. When I commented on her new hair colour, she gave me a funny look. She knew about our recent move, and about Harry and Zach, and even wanted a look. I was trying to figure out how she knew all these things. And then she asked if I’d managed to see the Child Health Nurse where we are now living.

It finally clicked. She wasn’t a teacher, she was our old Child Health Nurse, who the boys and I had only seen 4 weeks earlier. Someone weed seen numerous times in the boys’ short life.

Clearly I need more sleep, and more coffee.


Author: Georgia

30-something wife, and mother of four. Student, coffee drinker, chronic hobbyist, eternal day dreamer.

4 thoughts on “Waylaid plans and mistaken identities.”

  1. Haha that STILL happens to me! It takes me a few small talk minutes before it’ll click and I’m sure my “aha” moment is obvious!
    It was great to hear how well D has done this year too. Hope they settle into their new school quickly 🙂


    1. I don’t think I would have clicked had she not mentioned the Child Health Nurse. I just came straight out and told her I’d been thinking she was someone else, I’m sure she thinks I’m strange enough as it is.


  2. First off love the boys outfits! Second this happens to me a lot! I work in retail and I often cannot figure out if I actually know them, they have been a customer, or several other options. Meaningless chatt, yadda yadda yadda until my sleep deprived brain can connect the person.


    1. I think sleep deprivation has a lot to answer for. Normally I can wing it and not let on that I’m not sure who I’m talking to. Not this day though. I imagine working in retail it would happen pretty frequently, especially if you run into a customer outside of work.


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