A letter to Harry and Zach: 5 months

Dear Harry and Zach,

I can’t believe another month has past already. We’re staring down the barrel of 6 months, half a year, and I’m not sure I’m ready. Six months brings high chairs and solids and I’m sticking my head in the sand.

This past month has seen you change and develop so much. Having been through this twice before, you would think I’d be used, be ready and waiting for each new milestone. But I’m finding that with each new skill, it’s like I am seeing these changes happen for the first time.

You turned four months old, and with that, the four month sleep regression hit with a bang. After getting used to only one feed overnight, coffee became my best friend as we went back to four night time wakings. Thankfully, we seem to be heading back to better sleeping.

You are both rolling all over the place. As soon as you are put down in your cot on your back, you both roll straight onto your tummies. This has meant a fast transition from arms swaddled, to arms out for sleeping. Even though you are put down at opposite ends of the cot to give you room to roll, you still always manage to end up touching. Papa and I probably need to start thinking about buying a second cot so you both have plenty of room to move, but I can’t bare the thought of separating you.

Harry, you are giggly boy. You loved to be tickled and love flying through the air like an aeroplane. You are still my chilled out little dude, but you love to have a chat, and sometimes Zach can’t get a word in edgewise. You took longer to get used to sleeping with your arms out, and sleeping on your tummy, but now it’s like you’ve always slept this way.

This month Zach, you became the first of our four children to have a bath code brown. You laughed at the hilarity, me, not so much. You love to cross your ankles, whether you’re sleeping, lying on the mat, or sitting on someone’s lap. You still need extra cuddles, but you’re becoming a bit more relaxed the older you get.

Both of you are chewing on your hands, your fingers, and you are both starting to grasp toys and bring them to your mouths for gumming. No feet in mouths though, but toe chewing isn’t something your older brother and sister did either.

In the last week, we’ve had to start supplementing your feeds as hard as I’ve tried (and I’ve tried everything), Mama just isn’t producing enough milk for both of you anymore. I’m a little sad that we’ve had to introduce formula, but making sure you’re getting everything you need to grow and develop is what’s most important to your Papa and I.

Zach and Harry

Happy 5 months in the world my baby boys. I can’t wait to see what the next month brings.

Love Mama xx


Author: Georgia

30-something wife, and mother of four. Student, coffee drinker, chronic hobbyist, eternal day dreamer.

10 thoughts on “A letter to Harry and Zach: 5 months”

    1. Thanks Anne. Their sleep has improved majorly over the lat few days. I actually saw a(nother) lactation consultant yesterday and found out that I don’t have a supply issue, the boys have both got tongue and lip ties that have been missed until now. We have an action plan, so hopefully things will improve very quickly.


  1. Look at those little cherubs, so cute. Love the Mike suit. Oh no code brown, I had no idea about one of those until my last pooped in my SIL spa bath, between you and me, I had the plug pulled and couldnt catch it in time. I had to cringe and laugh my head off all at the same time!


    1. Thanks Alicia. The Mike suit glows in the dark! We also have a Sully suit so they can be matching, but different. It’s hard to be cranky about a baby’s code brown. Better your SIL’s spa bath than yours though .


    1. Thank you Trish. Now that I’m a twin mum, I love finding blogs by other twin mums. I’m really surprised at how common twins are. I am constantly being stopped by people telling me that they are a twin, that they have twins, or are married to a twin.


  2. How cute is the monster romper!! I’ll admit I’d never heard of sleep regression…but sleep was never any of my kids strong suits. Yet as a teen, they seem to master the art of it, at least in the mornings…


    1. Harry and Zach are actually my best sleepers, so the sleep regression has been a bit of a shock to the system. My daughter didn’t sleep through the night consistently until she was almost three, so Harry and mach’s regression makes me remember just how good I have it.


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