|Dylan and Mahalia :: First day back at school went off without a hitch. Year two for Dylan, and pre-primary (first year of full-time schooling) for Mahalia. I can’t believe how quickly the holidays went|
|Zach and Harry :: One of the few photos of the two of you sleeping, but not touching. Both of you lost most of the hair you were born with. You have hair growing back, but still have some of your newborn hair – a few wisps on the top of your head that are longer than the rest, and these patches at the base of your heads. In this photo, Harry’s head particularly, makes me think of The Last of the Mohicans|


The back to school routine this past week has handed me my derrière on a silver platter. Thankfully hubby is here to help out, but I need to figure out a better system to make sure we’re out the door on time in the morning. I think I’m going to have to start my day after putting Harry and Zach back to bed after their 4.30am feed, instead of going back to bed. I am so not a morning person. Not at all.

Playing along with Jodie.



Author: Georgia

30-something wife, and mother of four. Student, coffee drinker, chronic hobbyist, eternal day dreamer.

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