A portrait of my children, once a week, each week, in 2014.

|Harry :: This photo is Papa’s doing. I suspect he caught you trying to move far away from where he had put you. Don’t grow up to fast sweetheart|
|Zach :: So many times you have put your favourite ring here on your face, and have then become upset when you cannot find it to gum on|
|Zach :: You have managed to get your toes into your mouth this week, the first out of children to do so. Harry :: you’re still happy with your finger sucking|
|Mahalia and Dylan :: Waiting patiently and excitedly for the train|
|Dylan :: Trying to absorb every minute of our train ride. I think you’d happily spend all day riding trains if we let you|
|Mahalia :: Watching the outside world speed by|

I forgot to check my camera settings this week, and so didn’t realise until tonight that the iso was still set to 800 from one night taking photos of sleeping babes. The result? The graininess of this week’s photos. We’re still a little unsettled with our back to school routine, but gradually we are settling into a rhythm, and a sense of calm is returning to our little home.

I hope the coming week is good to you.

Georgia xx

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Author: Georgia

30-something wife, and mother of four. Student, coffee drinker, chronic hobbyist, eternal day dreamer.

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