A letter to Harry and Zach: Seven Months

My two little men,

I can’t believe you’ve been earth side for seven months, you’ll be walking and talking before I know it. I’m not ready for my last babies to grow up. I am very much enjoying the age you are now, I wish we could pause here for a few months before getting on with the growing and developing. Your personalities are really starting to show through, and you are interacting with your people and your world with joy and wonder.

We had a visit from your Granddad from Sydney a few weeks ago. I was worried that you may be wary of him, having not seen him since you were a week old. But you took to him straight away, enjoying hanging out with him during his brief visit. We are often stopped when out in public (I can’t believe how often we are stopped!) as twins are like magnets to people who would otherwise walk straight by you. They all comment on how happy you are, how blue your eyes are, and how lucky I am. And I am.

Your eyes are still blue, and I think it’s a safe bet to say that they will stay blue. When Dylan was a baby, I desperately wanted a blue eyed boy, but Dylan’s started changing from blue to brown at six months, and were completely brown by the time he was one. I was pretty happy when Mahalia’s eyes stayed blue and there is no hint of yours changing colour. Brown eyes are meant to be the dominant gene, but it seems that my recessive blue eye gene – which could only have come from my Dad’s side of the family, but none of his living relatives have blue eyes – coupled with your Papa’s blue eye gene, has won out over my brown eye gene. My wish for a blue-eyed boy came true. Four kids, and only one has the same colour eyes as me.

You’ve been eating food other than milk for a month now. I had grand plans of Baby Led Weaning being the way you were introduced food. We had great success with BLW with your sister, but you two have had other ideas. While you’ll happy eat food out of my hands, you have no interest in picking food up yourselves. So we’re pureeing and you hoover mush off a spoon, bouncing in anticipation as you wait for the next spoonful. We still offer you finger foods, and I hope that it won’t be long until you’re picking food up and feeding yourselves.







Zach, you are by far, the messier of the two eaters. Bouncing up and down, and turning your head as the spoon nears your mouth, and then you start chewing just before you take the spoon in your mouth. Even Harry blowing raspberries with a mouthful of food can’t compete with your mess making abilities.

This past month has seen the two of you become my first toe chewers and thumb suckers. You are fast moving towards being able to sit unaided, and you are starting to practice crawling positions during awake times, not just in your cot. You love having stories read to you, and listening to stories being read to Dylan and Mahalia. Playing aeroplanes and horsey rides have you grinning and laughing. You are such happy babies.

I’ve mentioned before that Harry, you are my chilled little dude, while Zachy G Bear is quicker to become upset. These parts of your personalities have developed even more. Zach, while you may be quicker to cry, you are also quicker to laugh, and vocalise non stop during play time. Harry, you struggle to get a word in edgewise. Zach, you are also the first to try out and practice new milestones, while Harry, your happy to do something new once or twice, then go back to chewing on your Sophie, smiling at me whenever I look your way. You are starting to interact with each other more and more, chatting to each other in your cot when you wake at the same time, reaching out and touching each other, and stealing the other’s toy whenever you get the chance. even at such a young age, the bond you two share is so obvious to see, and I hope the bond stays just as strong your whole lives.

The people that stop us on the street and in the shops are right. I am so lucky to be blessed with you. So lucky.

Love Mama




Author: Georgia

30-something wife, and mother of four. Student, coffee drinker, chronic hobbyist, eternal day dreamer.

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