Welcome to We’re Up With The Birds.

I’m Georgia, I live in Perth, Australia, with my not so little family. I’m a mum to three boys (two are identical twins born in 2013) and a girl. I’m married, but my husband’s not a fan of social media, so he’ll be referred to as The Husband on this blog.

So where did the blog name come from? This blog was created in the summer when my twins were babies. Due to the nature of little babies needing to feed overnight, we are quite often up feeding (or trying to get back to sleep) when the birds are getting up. I’m sure one day, hopefully in the not to distant future, we’ll all still be asleep when the birds are rising.

What’s this blog about? I’ve started this blog to document my day to day life. I’ve blogged before, but had no real direction. This time I have a focus, and I’m blogging for myself, to record memories as my children grow and my life changes. My twins are my last babies, and I realised that in the blur of the infant cycle of feed and sleep (or don’t sleep), my babies are growing so quickly, and I feel like much of it is passing me by in my sleep deprived state. While I’ll blog about my children and parenting, I’m more than just a mum. I’m a recently graduated registered nurse (looking for work), studying a graduate certificate in mental health, I’m a lover of books and good coffee, I’m a runner, a lover of clothes and make up, and a fan of photography. I cycle through hobbies and am an eternal day dreamer. I’ll be recording all the things that form my life, not just the mum stuff.

I’d love for you to join me on this journey, and would love to read your thoughts on what I write.


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