I’m staring at the last essay of my nursing degree. I’m 1000 words in, 500 to go, and I just can’t find the motivation to finish it. I know what I’m writing, I’ve done my research. I know I’ll end up way over my word count (as usual), and have some serious editing to do before I submit it in 2.5 weeks time. I’ve got full days at uni tomorrow and Friday, and my final six weeks of prac starting next week, so the time is now. Now. Now!

Except I’m doing everything I can to avoid finishing the damn thing. I’m even giving attention to this lonely old blog that I’ve neglected due to prioritising studying. You know, for good grades and all, and knowing what I’m going to be practising once I’ve finished. I’ve cleared my email inbox, emptied the washing basket. I’ve been to the gym. I’ve paid the bills. All that’s left is to write this essay.

Or maybe make another cup of coffee.

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