Mahalia-isms: The bedtime edition

When tucking my darling 5 year old into bed and saying goodnight:

Mahalia: When you’ve said goodnight to Dylan Mummy, can you come and sit with me for a bit?
Georgia: I’m going for a run tonight after I’ve said goodnight to Dylan.
Mahalia: When you get back from your run can you came and sit with me?
Georgia: If you’e still awake when I get back, I’ll come and sit with you.
Mahalia: When you get back, just come into my room and tickle my forehead.
Georgia: Okaaayy.


We’ve just navigated out way through our first after school play date at our house. Mahalia had been over to other people’s houses after school at our previous school, but I’d known those mums for a while by then. We’re still relatively new to our current school, still trying to get to know the other parents. Mahalia has been begging since school returned to have a friend over after school. We told her to choose a friend whose parent was at school in the morning, rather than Mahalia waiting until the end of the school day during pick up chaos to tell us she wanted a friend over. Play date was successfully arranged, friend collected with Mahalia and off home we went.

The afternoon went more smoothly than I expected. Smoothies were drunk, banana bread eaten. Outside scooting and bike riding, inside picture drawing, and secret girls’ play in Mahalia’s bedroom so as not to be disturbed by boys Dylan. Being the first time we’ve hosted the play date, there was probably a bit more helicoptoring going on than usually occurs at our house. Generally Dylan and Mahalia are allowed out in the yard without hubby or I being out there, and are allowed to ride their bikes in our driveway. Not knowing what level of supervision Mahalia’s friend has at home when playing outside, hubby decided it was a good time for pruning the rose bushes, and the driveway was out of bounds. Inside play, they are left alone, although part of me wanted to be a fly on the wall in Mahalia’s room. All in all, it was a good afternoon. Only one smoothie was spilt, the house stayed relatively tidy, and it was pick up time before we knew it.

While the afternoon was easier than I expected, I think I need at least a few days before the next one. Mahalia has already decided who she wants to come over next, and she doesn’t want to wait.