Show and tell.

A few weeks ago, Mahalia ran over her toe with the pantry door. Yep, ouch!

She handled it pretty well, I would have made a hell of a lot more noise than she did. A few tears, and ice pack, and she calmed down pretty quickly. Over the next couple of days, the skin under her toenail bruised up to a lovely shade of dark purple, and her nail loosened.

Like a kid with a scab, whenever her shoes and socks were off, she picked at that toenail, and showed it off to anyone who would look. Just quietly, I’d have preferred she didn’t show me.

Last night her toenail was loose enough that she managed to pull it off, and she was quite proud of it. I suggested she chuck it in the bin. Instead she played with it, pretended to stick it back on and pull it off again. And then she put it in a treasure box to keep it safe until Tuesday, when she plans to take it to school for news. Ahem.

No need to thank me Mrs B, no need at all.