Competing for Events

At the start of the year, I used to giggle to myself when my husband would write all his upcoming runs on the calendar. While I was getting into running, I didn’t really understand the planning and entering running events. My first half-marathon back in May has given me the bug though.

I’m now training for my second half-marathon. I’d hoped to be training for a marathon, but a little niggly stress reaction put a kibosh on that quick smart. It’s not completely off the cards though, it’s just going to be later than I planned.

I’d heard about how addictive running could be, but I didn’t get it until I became addicted too. While I was recovering from my injury, my physio had me take a few weeks off running. There were quite a few times that I wanted to sneak out for a run, thinking that what the physio didn’t know would’t hurt him. Ha! It might hurt me though. He put the fear not me of months off running, and a moon boot if I didn’t listen to him. I’ve grown to love running so much that I reluctantly did as he said, and recovered without any hassle.

I’m now back to running about 40kms a week, and the Perth City to Surf is just over six weeks away. I’m running the half, and hoping to take a decent amount of time off my first one. I’ve got another half planned for September (when I’d originally planned to run my first full marathon), and a marathon in October.

I don’t giggle when my husband ‘books in’ events anymore. Now I’m telling him that he has to leave certain dates free because I’m booking in an event. Today we realised that we both want to run separate events (he’s a ultra-marathon trail inner, I’m a road runner – meep meep!) on the same weekend in different parts of the state. Mine involves at least an overnight stay, while he’s closer to home. There’s the little issue of 4 kids to look after, and I think one of us will have to miss out.

I called shot-gun.