Review: Pink Punk

Day three challenge is here, and rushing to get it done due to some software issues. Today’s challenge is to write a review post. Today’s post is in no way sponsored, nor did I receive anything for free. The items in this review post I purchased myself, without the plan to write a review on them. Also worth noting, fashion blogger I am not, so please excuse the bad lighting, washed out face, and obvious eye bags from not enough sleep last night.

Without further ado, here’s my review of Pink Punk Active Tights.

Pink Punk is small (for now) Australian active wear company. They make a range of compression tights, from booty shorts through to full length tights. They also make crops, singlets, maternity tights, swimwear, and a range of children’s activewear. Their fabrics could no way be considered demure or subtle by any stretch of the imagination – you’ll not be a wallflower wearing their range. Purchasing Pink Punk active wear also gives you exclusive access to their Facebook group where Punk fans show off their purchases, the team keep everyone updated on new fabrics, ask opinions on possible fabric ranges, and provide answers to any questions.

I bought two pairs of Pink Punk tights (capri and full-length) a few weeks ago after hearing them raved about online. I had some questions about them before going ahead with my purchase, and my email queries were answered in less than an hour. Once I went ahead with my purchase, the contact from Pink Punk was fantastic, letting me know at what stage my order was at. At the time of purchase, the team were making each piece of clothing to order, and I had my Punks in less than two weeks. The team is moving towards having everything made in advance due to increase in demand, and having to work non-stop to get orders out quickly.



Pink Punk tights are made with compression fabric, and are high-waisted – win-win! These are my first pairs of compression tights, and I’ve noticed a huge difference to the way my legs feel following runs, both short and long. I can feel the compression while I’m wearing them, but I’d be worried if I couldn’t. When I wear non-compression tights, or shorts, it’s not unusual for my legs to feel, tingly, hot and itchy following a run, and my skin to look all blotchy, particularly with any runs over 12kms. With these bad boys, my legs feel and look the same after a run as they did before.


I love the high-waisted band. Having an abdominal separation means that I still look pregnant nearly three years on from having the boys, and my stomach tends to jiggle around when I run.




Pink Punks holds everything in place, and there’s no tummy jiggle when I run. Unless I’m wearing a loose-fitting shirt, then you can still tell I’ve got a mum-tum, but I definitely feel more confident when I’m running in my Punks compared to other tights.



The fabric and construction of Pink Punk tights is high quality. I know I’ve only had my tights a few weeks, but there has been no colour fade, and my tights are worn and washed multiple times a week. I’ve also read many complaints about other compression wear that have very noticeable sweat patches in unfortunate places in any colours other than black. None of that going on with my Punks. I can run a long way without being worried that people may think I have wet myself.

I’m a bit of a hobby sewer, so I appreciate well made clothes, and these definitely are. The Pink Punk team improved the way they make their tights not long before I bought mine. All hems are overlocked and double stitched flat. Their construction makes them look really good on.

Would I buy them again, and would I recommend them to others? Definitely. In fact I have my eye on a few pairs at the moment, I’m just trying to narrow my choices. If you want to buy your own Punks, you can find them here. You can also check out Pink Punk’s instagram account by following @pinkpunkactive