Reasons my twins are having tantrums

We are heading into the age where my boys have lots they want to communicate, but don’t yet have the vocabulary to express themselves. The result? Tantrums! This a current list of causes.

  • Mummy took their toothbrush away.
  • Daddy is in the house, but he isn’t holding me.
  • Daddy IS holding me, but he’s sitting down.
  • Mummy sang the wrong song when she was putting my pyjamas on me.
  • It’s been 0.00065 seconds since mummy sat down to feed me and my mouth is still empty.
  • Mummy attached my brother before me.
  • Mummy took me out of the bath first. Mummy took me out of the bath second.
  • Daddy has gone to work and he’s never coming back.
  • My brother has a sippy cup that I want. I only have one in my hand.
  • Daddy wouldn’t let me chew on his shoes.
  • Daddy wouldn’t let me suck on the tea towel.
  • My brother and I had a head-on collision with our push-along walkers.
Zach and Harry


I’m sure it won’t be long until I’m adding to the list.